What I was looking for on extra credit quiz 2

1. Live Blogging
– Offers real-time updates that are posted during and in response to a particular event.
-On a live blog, the blogger posts brief updates that contain observations or opinions that give readers a feel for the atmosphere or response to an event.
-Best used for events that people want to follow as it happens or to get insight and perspective from someone who is there and knowledgeable about the subject. Examples include sporting events, political debates, tech product releases — anything that people want to keep up with as it’s happening.

2. Video
-Combines visuals and audio.
-Captures action, emotion or opinion. Also helpful for tutorials.
-Best used for stories where audience wants to see and hear something happening. Examples including sporting events, people expressing opinions, or instruction.

3. Map
-Used for stories centered around geography or sense of place. Maps often combine data from more than one source into a single integrated tool. Allows viewer to compare information from one geographic area to the next. Examples include maps of murders, forest fires, weather, or demographics.

4. Infographic made with charts and graphs
-Useful for stories with data, statistics or complex information.
-Data-heavy information can bog down a narrative or slow the pacing of a story. That data might be edited out to streamline a story or put into a table for readers to browse.
-Graphics can help you highlight important information from a database in a way much easier to understand than a text-only presentation. Examples include any story with a lot of complex information that can be better understood with graphs and charts.

5. I was looking for some concrete takeaway that you could apply to your own work. And why that was important.

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Week 15

In Class
-Blog Presentations on Dec. 9 and 11

-Post 13: Final Project and Post 14: Farewell Post are both due the end of final exam period:

-For 9:30 a.m. class – Tues., Dec. 16 by 12:15 p.m.
-For 12:30 p.m. class – Tues., Dec. 16 by 4:45 p.m.

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Week 14

In Class:
-Assignments and Points: What’s done and what’s left
-Post 13: Final Project overview
-Blog Presentation overview
-Post 14: Farewell Post overview
-What to do with your blog at the end of the semester
-Where do we go from here? The future of online journalism and you.
-Course evaluation

Due This Week:
-Extra credit quiz on reading will be on Thursday, Dec. 4. It will cover:

-Post 12: Live Blog or Infographic due by Sunday, Dec. 7 at 10 p.m.

Next Week:
-Blog Presentations in class on Dec. 9 and 11

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Assignments and Points: What’s Done and What’s Left

What’s Done – 490 points
Posts 1-11, CodeAcademy

What’s Left – 510 points
Extra Credit Quiz 2 (+10 points) – 12/4 in class
Post 12: Live Blog, Photo Event or Infographic (60 points) – Due 12/7 at 10 p.m.
Blog Presentation (25 points) – 12 – 12/9 and 12/11 in class
Post 13: Final Project (200 points) – Due 12/16  at 12:15 p.m. (for 9:30 a.m. class) and 12/16 at 4:45 p.m. (for 12:30 p.m. class)
Post 14: Farewell Post (25 points) – Due 12/16  at 12:15 p.m. (for 9:30 a.m. class) and 12/16 at 4:45 p.m. (for 12:30 p.m. class)
Overall Blog Assessment (100 points)
Attendance/Participation (100 points)

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Post 13: Final Project

Post 13: Final Project (worth 200 points) is due at the end of your final exam period:

-For 9:30 a.m. class – Tues., Dec. 16 by 12:15 p.m.
-For 12:30 p.m. class – Tues., Dec. 16 by 4:45 p.m.

No late work accepted. Whatever is posted by the end of the exam period is what will be graded. If nothing is posted, you will receive a zero for the assignment.

For this post, create a final project – a substantial post – for your blog. It should demonstrate what you have learned over the course of the semester and be the culmination of your blog coverage to date. Your primary goal is to tell a compelling, interactive story.

Your final project will consist of two parts: 1.) a text article formatted for the web and 2.) an accompanying multimedia feature.

Your article and your multimedia should complement each other, but each should also be able to stand alone on its own. For example, if someone only reads your article or only views your multimedia, she should still able to understand the story.

Use the text for the story basics, information, and links to additional resources. Use your multimedia feature to add vivid color to your story.

Your feature will be assessed on the following:
•    story content
•    original reporting (interviews, events attended, information gathered)
•    quality of the presentation
•    effort
•    completion of each required presentation elements (see below)

Your final project must contain both of the following:

1. A 500-word article formatted for the web (100 points)
•    clear, descriptive headline using key-words (5 points)
•    strong lead (10 points)
•    organized story structure (20 points)
•    2 people (with full names and a phrase that connects them to the topic) quoted saying something relevant and interesting (20 points)
•    appropriate hyperlinks to more information (10 points)
•    short paragraphs or subheads to break up large sections of text (5 points)
•    five key word tags (5 points)
•    compelling story topic (25 points)
-2 points for each typo, grammar, spelling, or punctuation error

2. Multimedia component (100 points)
Select a multimedia feature that is the best way conveying information. It must contain original reporting and content, not simply aggregation or reproducing what has been done by others.

•    photo essay (at least 5 photos)
•    photos and audio clip (3+ photos and max. 2 min audio clip)
•    audio slide show (18 photos and 1:30 audio)
•    web video (max. 2 min.)
•    live blog an event (must be a live event that you attend in person)
•    interactive map, timeline, or graphic

Multimedia will be graded on the following:

•    quality of media gathered (25 points)
•    editing and presentation (25 points)
•    effort in original reporting (25 points)
•    story content (25 points)

Examples from former students:
-Profs are the 2014 NJAC baseball champions
-Crossfit with Michael Gardner
-Lavallette Beach Patrols Prepare for the Summer Season
-2013 Rowan Baseball Overview
-Three women and cancer: How make-up made a difference
-Drive a Race Car with No Experience

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Blog Presentations – Dec. 9 and 11

Blog presentations will take place in on Tuesday, Dec. 9 and Thursday, Dec. 11

Worth 25 points (15 points for your presentation/10 points for participation at both sessions)

Each student will have about 5 minutes to present her/his work to the class. You should talk about the highlights of your work during the semester, the challenges, what you learned, and advice you would give to others students or journalists who undertake similar projects. Prepare what you want to say. See talking points below.

Tuesday, Dec. 9 – 9:30

Tuesday, Dec. 9 – 12:30

Thursday, Dec. 11 – 9:30

Thursday, Dec. 11 – 12:30

Talking points for blog presentations:
-What is your beat? Who was your primary audience?
-Give a quick overview of the types of stories you covered. (But don’t scroll through every post).
-Talk about one success. What are you most proud of?
-Talk about one thing that didn’t turn out so well. What went wrong?
-How much traffic did you get to your site? Anything unusual or unique in your traffic?
-Who was the most interesting person you interviewed this semester and why?
-What is the most interesting thing you learned about your topic?
-What is one thing you learned about journalism in the process of covering your subject.

Also: Pitch your final project idea as part of your blog presentation. Answer the following questions:
1. What is your story idea?
2. How you will go about it? Research? Reporting? Events? Sources?
3. How will you present the story?

Your presentation will be graded on your preparation, your evaluation of your own work, and your participation in the class while others are giving their presentations. You must attend both presentation sessions to get full credit.

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Post 14: Farewell Post

Blog Post 14: Farewell Post (worth 25 points) is due at the end of your final exam period.

1. Write a final farewell post letting your readers know you are ending your blog. If you are going to continue on your own, let readers know that and what to expect in the future.

2. Write a paragraph or two reflecting on what you learned in the process of creating this publication. You may want to cover some of the things you talked about in your blog presentation.

3. Link to your five best posts.

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