Week 14

In Class:
Blog Presentations

-Work on Final Project

Saturday, May 2 – BarCamp News Innovation at Temple U. Free for students with ID.

Final exam period, Tuesday, May 5 from 10:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m.
Post 12: Final Project due Tuesday, May 5, at 12:15 p.m 
Post 13: Farewell Post due Tuesday, May 5, at 12:15 p.m 

Graduation – Thursday, May 14 – Woo Hoo!

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Extra Credit Quiz #2

Here are the answers I was looking for:

For each of the following, describe 1.) the unique qualities of the medium and 2.) in what circumstances it is the best way to convey information or tell a story. (Worth 2 points each).

-Quickly convey basics (5 Ws), key facts, overview, context, quotes.
-Best for standard print stories – ie hard news, features, profiles, etc. The most versatile format. When dealing with multimedia, the text often serves as “gateway” to the other forms of media through headlines, captions, social media or a teaser.

2. Audio
-Audience can hear atmosphere, emotions, accents.
-Best for capturing memories, anecdotes, people telling own stories in their own words. Interviews.

3. Video
-Combines visuals, audio, and captures action.
-Best for action and opinion. When audience wants to see and hear something happening.

4. Live blogging
-Real-time updates posted during and in response to a particular event.
-Live blogging is used to cover almost any event that reporters used to have at least a few hours to report, but now they have to do it on the fly as the event happens. Reporters often have to live blog an event and then write a follow-up story after. In this case, live blogging is like a public form of note taking. Great for sports events, press conferences, tech announcements, etc.

5. Data visualization or infographic
Data-heavy information can bog down a narrative or slow the pacing of a story. That data might be edited out to streamline a story or put into a table for readers to browse. A better solution is to use simple graphics that can be created in minutes and delivered for free using web tools.  These information graphics will compliment and add context to your stories. Graphics can help you highlight important information from a database in a way much easier to understand than a text-only presentation.

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BarCamp News Innovation Conference – May 2

Saturday, 5/2 – BarCamp News Innovation at Temple U. Free for students with ID.

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Course Evaluation – Spring 2015

Please take a few minutes to fill out the course evaluation for Online Journalism I.

1. Go to http://www.rowan.edu/selfservice

2. Click “Access Banner Services – Secure Area – login Required.”

3. Enter User ID and PIN.

4. Click “Personal Information.”

5. Click “Answer a Survey.”

6. Click on the student evaluations for Online Journalism I.

7. Complete the student evaluation.

The response are compiled and delivered in one report. All responses are anonymous. I do not receive course evaluation until all final grades are submitted.

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Week 13

In Class:
What do I do with my blog at the end of the semester?
So what now? My last list of the semester

Extra credit quiz on Thurs. April 23 will cover:

Post 11: Video due by Sun., April 26 at 10 p.m.

Next Week

In Class:
Blog Presentations

-Work on Final Project

Post 12: Final Project due Tuesday, May 5, at 12:15 p.m 
Post 13: Farewell Post due Tuesday, May 5, at 12:15 p.m 

Graduation – Thursday, May 14 – Woo Hoo!

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Blog Presentations – April 28 and 30

Blog presentations will take place in on April 28 and 30. Worth 25 points (15 points for your presentation/10 points for participation at both sessions)

Tuesday, April 28

Thursday, April 30

Each student will have about 5-10 minutes to present her/his work to the class. You should talk about the highlights of your work during the semester, the challenges, what you learned, and advice you would give to others students or journalists who undertake similar projects. Prepare what you want to say.

Talking points for blog presentations:
-What is your beat? Who was your primary audience?
-Give a quick overview of the types of stories you covered. (But don’t scroll through every post).
-Talk about one success. What are you most proud of?
-Talk about one thing that didn’t turn out so well. What went wrong?
-How much traffic did you get to your site? Anything unusual or unique in your traffic?
-Who was the most interesting person you interviewed this semester and why?
-What is the most interesting thing you learned about your topic?
-What is one thing you learned about journalism in the process of covering your subject.

Also: Pitch your final project idea as part of your blog presentation. Answer the following questions:
1. What is your story idea?
2. How you will go about it? Research? Reporting? Events? Sources?
3. How will you present the story?

Your presentation will be graded on your preparation, your evaluation of your own work, and your participation in the class while others are giving their presentations. You must attend both presentation sessions to get full credit.

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What’s Done and What’s Left

Assignments to date: 415 points

Assignments to go: 585 points

Also 25 points extra credit. Next quiz on Thurs., April 23

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