Google Map Exercises

These 11 exercises will get you started with Google Maps. They offer step-by-step instructions for how to use the application, how to create place marks, lines and shapes, and how to embed text, links, photos, and videos into your maps. I have also provided a list of helpful video tutorials. Have fun.

Exercise 1: Exploring Google Maps

1. Go to Google and sign in. (You have to create an account if you don’t have one.)

2. Click Maps on the Google navigation bar.

3. Search for your address.  Type the name of the place or location into the search engine.  Note the address on the left sidebar and the locator icon on the map. Click on the green location icon. See the details.

4. Zoom in and out using navigation bar in the upper left hand corner. Then zoom in by double clicking on the map itself.

5. Slide the map back and forth by clicking on the map and dragging it.

6. Click on the Map tab.

7. Click on the Satellite tab.

8. Click on the Terrain tab.

9. Find a location with Street View. (ie City Hall, Philadelphia) Click on the Street View link. Explore up and down the street.

Exercise 2: Add a place mark

1. Click on My Maps on the left hand sidebar.

2. Select Create a new map.

3. Click on the Add a place mark icon (it looks like a balloon).

4. Drag it and drop it.

5. Click on it to add details about the location.

6. In the Description box, click on the blue balloon icon. You will see a bunch of different icons you can use.  Pick one.

Exercise 3: Draw a line

1. Create a New Map.

2. Search for Central Park. Zoom in so you can see the rectangular border of the park.

3. Click on the Draw a line tool.

4. Put your mouse at one corner of the park. Click to start.

5. Draw a line around the border of the park.

6. How far is it all the way around the park?

Exercise 4: Draw a Shape

1. On the map of Central Park, click the “Draw a shape” icon. (It looks like a two-spiked crown)

2. Click on one corner of the park. Then by clicking on each corner of the park, draw a rectangle of the park. When you are done it should be shaded blue.

3. Give the park a title and a brief description.

Exercise 5: Create a Map

1. Click on Create a new map.

2. Give it a Title.

3. Write a brief description.

4. Click Save.

5. Add a place mark.

6. Click on the place mark icon.

Exercise 6: Adding information to a location

Once you have a location open, you can add your own content.

1. Change the information in the pop-up window.

2. Change the title of the location.

3. Click on the “Plain text” option. Write a description.

4. Click on the “Rich text” option. Create a link. Highlight a word or phrase. Click on the link icon. Insert a URL.

5. Click OK.

6. In the sidebar on the left, click Save.

7. In the sidebar on the left, click Done.

Exercise 7: Add a photo to a location

1. Open a new window or tab in your browser. Go to Picasa.

2. Log in to Picasa (your gmail account will create an automatic account here).

3. Select Upload.

4. Browse for the image you want to add. Upload it.

5. When it is finished. Click on the image. Copy and paste the URL from the Embed image field to the right.

6. Go back to your Google Map location.

7. Click on the Edit HTML tab.

8. Copy and paste the URL into the Description field.

9. In the sidebar on the left, click Save.

10. In the sidebar on the left, click Done.

11. Click on your location icon to see your information.

Exercise 8: Add a You Tube video to a location

1. Create a location.

2. Find the video you want on YouTube or Google Video. Copy the code from the Embed field.

3. In your location in Google Maps, select the Edit HTML option.

3. Paste the YouTube or Google Video code into the description.

5. Click OK to save your changes.

6. In the sidebar on the left, click Save.

7. In the sidebar on the left, click Done.

Exercise 9: Adding third party content

1. Under the My Maps tab, click on Browse a directory. You will see dozens of features you can add to a map. Most were created by a company or individual that is not connected with Google.

2. Scroll through the options until you see US Census Bureau Demographics.

3. To add a feature, click on the Add it to Maps button.

4. Click Back to Google Maps at the top left hand corner of the page. You will see the US Census Bureau Demographics listed under the heading Created by Others.

5. Create a new map or click on the box next to the name of one you have already created.

6. Click on the box next to US Census Bureau Demographics to add another layer.

7. You can then select different in Race, Age or Housing.

8. See how the demographics around your place mark changes.

9. Try adding other third-party content.

Exercise 10: Create a Google Map profile

1. At the top of the page next your your gmail address, click on My Profile.

2. You will see your profile, reviews you have written, and maps you have created.

3. Click on Create Your Profile.

4. See all of the options you can select, including a URL field where you can post tell people about your blog.

5. Create a profile if you want to (but you don’t have to).

Exercise 11: Putting your map on your Blog

1. Create a map with three place holders. In the description of one place holder, embed a link. (See Exercise 6 for instructions.) In the place holder of another, put in a photo. (See Exercise 7 for instructions.) In the description of a third place holder, embed a YouTube video (See Exercise 8 for instructions.)

2. Give your Map a Title. Save it. Click Done.

3. Click on the Title under Created by Me.

4. Look for the Link icon in the far right hand corner. Click on Link.

3. Copy the code in the second field called “Paste HTML to embed in website.”

4. Go to your Word Press dashboard.

5. Write a new post or page.

6. Paste the code from Google Maps into your post or page.

7. Click on Save. Word Press will automatically convert the code. It will look shorter and start with [googlemaps http://

8. Preview. Publish. Make sure your map shows up on your blog.

Additional Resources:

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