Assignment V – Interview

1. Find a relevant person with something to say about your topic. Aim high.

2. Prepare and research your questions.

3. Think online. What do you think will be the best way to tell your subject’s story. Q and A? Transcript? Links? Photos? Audio? Video? Some combination of all of these? Is there a way to encourage interaction from readers?

4. Do your interview and gather information in various media elements.

5. See what you get and then rethink Step 3. Ask again, what is the best way to tell this story?

6. Prepare your interview to post.

7. Write up a one paragraph introduction. Who is the person? Why are they someone we should hear from? What do they have to say? Give a teaser to lure the audience to read more.

8. Post it on your blog by the deadline.

More things to consider when presenting your interview:

  • If it is text, how much should go on the main page?
  • If a Q and A, is it formatted in a way that is readable? (ie bold the questions, make it clear who is speaking, etc)
  • Edit the text for grammar, spelling, typos.
  • Add links to text so readers can learn more.
  • What is the appropriate placement of photos.
  • Should you use an excerpt and/or give full interview?
  • Would pull quotes help?

Points for Interview (100 points)

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