Would You Quote Martin Eisenstadt?

Would you quote Martin Eisenstadt, a senior fellow at The Harding Institute and McCain policy advisor?

1. Check out The Harding Institute Web site and The Harding Institute’s YouTube channel.

2. Then watch the following clip from MNSBC.

3. Then read Eisenstadt’s blog.

Reporters from The Los Angeles Times, The New Republic, and MSNBC did quote Mr. Eisenstadt, aka Eitan Gorlin, Internet hoaxster. And as a result, there is a lot of hand wringing and finger pointing going on in the journalism world. (Read the New York Times article A Senior Fellow at the Institute of Nonexistence.)

Some blame the “traditional news media.” Some blame “the 24-hour-get-it-first mentality of the news industry.” Some blame “political commentators.” Some blame “bloggers.”

Still news hoaxes long predate the Internet and cable news. Listen to this interview with Robert Love on NPR’s On The Media.

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