Live Blogging

What is live blogging?

In this article, it is three guys sitting in a room with lap-tops.

In the case of the Democratic convention in Denver, it was 500 bloggers trying to cover one event at the same time.

Live blogging apparently scares the NCAA, which ejected a blogger from a college baseball game, but later eased their restrictions.

Live blogging has become a way to cover:
-elections (Washington Post live blogging the State-by-State Election Results and the covering the media covering the results)

-sports (Daily News on the final game of the World Series and ESPN on the Ryder Cup)

-press conferences ( on the Obama news conference)

-government hearings (Wealth Bulletin on hedge funding hearings)

-travel (USA today live blogging from a Princess Cruise ship)

-and even the last episode of TRL (MTV live blogging their own show).

Basically live blogging is being used to cover almost any event that reporters used to have at least a few hours to report and write about, but now they have to do it on the fly as the event happens.

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