Grading Your Slide Show

Slide Show Requirements:

  • Your slide show must consist of at least 8 images. Use your judgment on how many images are needed to tell your story.
  • Your use of images MUST NOT violate copyright. You must either make images yourself or you must present them in a way that fits under fair use: criticism, commentary, news, or research. If you do not use your own images, you should give proper credit to the source and photographer.
  • You must present them in a slide show format.
  • Your slide show MUST be finished and on your blog when you come to the first class of the week (Monday or Tuesday). If it is not on your site, you will receive a zero for the assignment. No late work will be accepted.
  • If you have technical problems, you must email me before the class period begins.

Grading: Worth 100 points

40 points = content
What is the subject of the photographs? Are they related to your topic or beat? Are they informative? Interesting to look at? Appropriate? Do they violate copyright?

40 points = presentation
Must have at least 8 images. Are they in focus? Are there a variety of images? Strong opening image? Are they properly attributed or labeled?

20 points = narrative
Do your photos tell a story? Does the viewer learn anything new?

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