Converting Your Audio Files Using Switch

If you have a .wma, .wav, or .mp3 file from a digital recorder, you must use a program called Switch to convert it before you edit in Garage Band. Switch is loaded on to the computers in Boz 134. You can also download it for free and put it on your home computer.

To get to Switch in the computer lab.

Open the program.

1. Put your audio file on the desktop.
2. Drag your audio file into the Switch converter.
3. Set the output to .aiff. This is the kind of file Garage Band uses.
4. Check the box marked “Output to the same folder as source files.”
5. Click “Convert” button.
6. Look on your desktop. You now have a new file with the same name, but it will say .aiff at the end.

You can now drag this .aiff file into a track of Garage Band to edit it.

Here is a video tutorial on Converting Audio Files Using Switch

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