Getting Started with Garage Band

This tutorial will walk you through some of the basics of making an audio podcast with Garage Band.

What You Need:

  • Digital audio recorder or your computer
  • Microphone (built in or plug in)
  • Headphones
  • Software for editing: GarageBand (Mac) or Audacity (Windows, Mac – and it’s free)
  • Audio Files You Should Know About

    • .wma (windows media audio
    • .wva (uncompressed windows file)
    • .mp3 (most universal audio format, but not a podcasting file)
    • .aiff (MAC standard audio podcasting format)

    Opening Garage Band

    Click on Desktop
    >Garage Band
    Create New Podcast Episode
    Name it and save to desktop

    Elements of Garage Band


    Buttons in Editor (left to right)

    + = Add a track
    Eyeball = Loop Browser
    Scissors = Track Editor
    Red Button = record
    |< = Back to the beginning of the track
    < = Play
    >> = Fast Forward one measure
    Master Volume
    Circle i = Hide or View Track info
    Slide and music note = Hide or view media browser


    1. Choose Male or Female Voice Track
    2. Hit record.
    Stop and Play = Space Bar
    Go back to the beginning = Return

    To Edit:

    1. Select Scissor Button
    2. Adjust Zoom Slider
    3. To edit: click on track in the editor until you see with cross hairs. Click. Hold. Drag. Let Go. Hit delete
    4. In the Timeline, move the track.

    Dragging = click and old the segment in the timeline. Move it back and forth.

    Spitting a segment:

    1. Move the playhead to a single point in the track.
    2. Select Edit from the menu at the top. Edit>Split.

    Joining a segment:

    1. Put two segments side by side.
    2. Click on one so it is highlighted. Hold the Shift key and click on the other audio segment. Both should be highlighted.
    3. Edit>Join will merge the two segments into one.

    Adding a Jingle:

    1. Click on Eyeball (Loop Browser)
    2. Click on Jingles.
    3. Click on Cinematic.
    4. Pick one (ie Broadcast News Short)
    5.Pick a track and drag it to your Jingle track
    6. Move your audio track so your voice begins after the track.

    To listening to only the tracks you want, click on the headphone icons on your track.

    Add Ducking:

    Ducking automatically lowers the volume on the jingle when your voice track runs and brings it back when your voice track is off.

    1. Click on Control at the top menu
    2. Turn it on.

    Add a fade in or fade out:

    1. Make sure ducking is turned off (see above)
    2. In Jingles track, click on the little triangle button.
    3. This shows you the volume for the track.
    4. Go to the beginning of the line. Click once until a dot or marker appears.
    5. Click on the dot. Hold it. Drag it down.
    6. A few seconds into the track. Click on the line again until another dot appears.
    7. Click on it. Hold and drag it up to the grey line.
    8. The track will increase or decrease in volume between the two points.

    Add more tracks:

    1. Click on the + button.
    2. Select either Software Instrument (for Jingles and other Garage Band stuff) or Real Instrument (for voice or sound captured by microphone).

    To share your recording:

    1. Select Share from the menu
    2. Select the appropriate option
    3. To create an .mp3, select Export Song to Disk.
    4. Compress using MP3 Encoder
    5. Audio Settings: Good Quality
    6. Click on Export
    7. Give it a name. And Save.

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