Dipity Timelines

Dipity is a Web based way to create timelines. It is open to anyone, but is also being used by news organizations like Huffington Post and the San Francisco Chronicle. You can pull in videos, pictures, and updates from hundreds of sources instantly. Or you can create your own timeline manually. Here is a brief overview and some simple instructions for getting started…
To start, go to Dipity.com

Check out some of the featured timelines. And see how to use Dipity to track news stories like
News about Facebook (Dipity News Line) and Obama Inauguration Timeline (Dipity)

How to Use Dipity:

Go to Dipity.com.
Sign up for an account.

Inside you will see an option to “Add a Source.” Dipity can pull in information from photo sharing sites, blogs, Twitter, and bookmarking sites like Digg and Delicious.

Select a source or sources and click the “Done” button.

You can use the zoom tool in the upper left hand corner of the timeline to narrow or extend the timeline.

Or you can add one event at a time by clicking the “Add an Event” button.

You can click can then put the information in manually: title, date, description, pictures, links, etc. When you are done click on “Save” or “Save + Add Another.”

In the top left hand corner you will see tabs for “Timeline,” “Flipbook,” “List,” and “Map.” You can click on these to view the information in various formats.

You can also add “Topics” at the bottom. It will search the Internet for sources of information that fit your topic search.

When you are done, click on “Embed.”

Take the embed code and paste it into your Word Press blog. Unfortunately, your timeline will not show up in your blog post. It will only give you a link. So you can write up a description that explains what your timeline is, how your user should use it, and then link to your Dipity timeline.

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