Quiz 1: Due Sept 22 or 23

Take Home Quiz 1:

Answer the following questions. It is worth 20 points.

For Mon/Wed class –due at the beginning of class on Wednesday, Sept 23
For Tues/Thurs class — due at the beginning of class on Tuesday, Sept 22

From class discussion

1. What are the six unique aspects of online journalism? Give a one-sentence description of each. (6 sentences – one for each aspect)

From Chap 1 and 2 of Journalism 2.0

2. What is the difference between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0? Why does it matter? (2 sentences)

3. What does the phrase “people formerly known as the audience” mean in relation to journalism? (3 sentences)

From article “Out of Print”

4. Eric Alterman considers the possibility that American newspapers might soon be extinct and that the Internet, cell phones, PDAs, etc will deliver the news of the future. Why is Alterman concerned about the demise of the newspaper? Hint: it isn’t about money or jobs. (3 sentences)

From article “Tom Paine to Blogs and Beyond”

5. Dan Gilmore writes that “journalism is a conversation.” What does he mean? (4 sentences)

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