Common Types of Blog Posts

1. Blog stroll

Example: Bloggers for City Room give readers a run-down of “What we’re looking at on the Web today… Please Curb Your Invisible Dog

2. Round up of news or opinion

Example: Pick one subject and write a paragraph about it. Link to key sources. Phillyist One Book Author Mariane Satrapi Reads at Free Library

3. Short piece of news or information on your subject

Example: Write a short news or informational post and add links to key Web resources. bluecadet interactive’s Josh Goldblum wins Emmy

4. Guide or advice – what to do, where to go, upcoming event, etc

Example: What do your readers want to know about? Where should they go? What should they do? Jersey Shore Fishing’s Stripers scarce, but waters temperatures drop

5. Photo or series of photos with comments

Example: uwishunu Photo of the Day

6. Audio or video clip with comments

Example: Post an audio or video clip that is relevant to your subject. Then add some text that helps illuminate it. The700Level Yay or Nay: DeSean’s Flip-to-Split

7. Quick Q and A
Example: Call or email a relevant source. Post a quick question and answer with photo and links. Phillyist Interviews…Matt Duke

8. Make up your own

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