Writing for the Web

Writing for the Web is different than writing for print. Part of the issue is how people read online. They scan, click, search and “info-snack.”

Tips on Writing for the Web

1. Write shorter. If you are going to write long, you must give people a reason to read.
2. Be specific and concrete.
3. Use active voice and strong verbs.
4. Omit needless words.
4. Attribute your sources.
5. Provide lots of links. Check them. Make sure they work.
5. Break up large blocks of text with sub-headings, lists, key words and boldface type.
6. Mistakes, errors, typos and misspellings undermine your credibility.

Resources on Writing for the Web
How People Read the Web
How To Write for the Web (Online Journalism Review)
Tips for Writing for Online Media (Mindy McAdams)

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