How to Post an Audio File on a Using SoundCloud

Unfortunately, WordPress will not let you upload an audio file directly to your blog. But you can put your audio file on another Web site and then embed the link into your blog. Here is how to do it.

1. Record and edit your audio file.

2. Make sure it is saved as .mp3 file.

3. Go to Sign up for an account.

4. Upload your audio to SoundCloud.

5. When it it done loading, click on the “Share” button. You will see options for Facebook, Twitter, etc and to the right the “More” option. Click on “More.”

6. Click on the button and copy the embed code.

7. Go to your WordPress blog. Create a new post.

8. Paste the SoundCloud embed code into your post.

9. Save. Publish.

10. It will create a player on your blog that looks like this:

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2 Responses to How to Post an Audio File on a Using SoundCloud

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