Assignment IV : Multimedia Interview

Due Saturday, November 7 at 8:00 p.m. No late work accepted.

1. Find a relevant person with something to say about your topic. Aim high.

2. Prepare and research your questions.

3. Think online. What do you think will be the best way to tell your subject’s story. Q and A? Edited transcript? A segment of the interview? Links? Photos? Audio? Video? A combination of these elements?

4. Do your interview and gather information in various media formats (text, photos, audio, video). Go prepared. You don’t want to wish you brought a camera or recorder after the fact.

5. See what you get and then rethink Step 3. Ask again, what is the best way to tell this story?

6. Prepare your interview to post.

7. Write up a one paragraph introduction. Who is the person? Why is she/he someone we should hear from? What does she/he have to say? Make the audience want to read more.

8. Post it on your blog by the deadline. Your multimedia interview must be posted between Oct 26 and November 7 at 8:00 p.m.

9. Your interview must be presented in a multimedia format. It must include at least two of the following (text, photos, audio, video).

Here are some formats you might use:

Simple Q and A with photo and links

Quick Q and A with Andrew Bird (Phillyist)

Q and A with slide show

Audio only
Bob the Street Preacher (Boston Behind the Scenes)

Edited transcript and/or audio
David Sheff, author of “Beautiful Boy” (Salon)
Edited transcript
Audio of entire interview

Video interview clips alongside magazine-style profile
An interview with Trash and Vaudeville’s Jimmy Webb (Stay Thirsty)

Or another format…you must decide what is the best way to tell your story. More media is not always better. But the simplist fastest way is not always the best way either.

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