Ten Ways to Improve Your Video for the Web

1. Keep your shots steady. Use whatever is around you as a tripod.

2. Framing. For the Web, remember your image will be quite small. Faces tell stories. Get close to them. But don’t crop off the tops of heads. If your subject is in motion, don’t let them walk out of your frame.

3. Think rule of thirds. Don’t center your subject. Keep your composition clean.

4. Avoid pans or zooms. If you use, them use them sparingly.

5. Ask questions that require a sentence to answer. Avoid yes/no questions or two-part questions. Ask questions that evoke feelings, emotions and opinions, not facts.

6. Make sure you are getting good sound. Use a mic or get close to your subject when she is talking. Be aware of background noise that might drown out your audio.

7. Make sure you have an opening and closing shot.  Plan ahead and make sure you have a beginning and end to your story.

8. Shoot in sequences. These are the building blocks of your story.
(Watch the BBC’s five-shot training video)  And try it yourself:

  • Close-up on hands
  • Close-up on face
  • Wide shot
  • Over the shoulder shot
  • Shot of your choosing (low, high, etc)

9. Hold each shot for a minimum of 10 seconds.

10. Get more b-roll than you think you will need.

Helpful Resources for Editing:

Prism Video Converter (if you need to get your files in the proper format for editing)

iMovie Tutorials:
iMovie09 (Apple)
iMovie08 (Apple)

Windows Movie Maker Tutorial (from Mindy McAdams)

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