Assignment III: Photo Essay – Due March 6 at 8:00 pm

Create a photo essay covering your “beat” or topic.

Your photo essay must consists of at least 8 images. Use your judgment on how many images are needed to tell your story.

Making your own images is the best approach. Go somewhere and cover an event/topic/person visually. Get full names, first and last. Practice journalistic ethics. Your photographs should show real events, real people, and real places in real time. Do not stage or manipulate your subject or photos.

Make a variety of images that help tell your story. Get a mix of wide, medium, and close-ups. Take more than you need. Make 50 to 100 images. The ones you post should be strong, clear images.

If you are not using your own images, you must get permission and/or give credit to the photographer. Your images MUST NOT violate copyright. Remember: Giving credit does not mean you have permission to use the images. If you are not using your own images, you must be able to make a case that it falls under fair use categories: criticism, commentary, news, teaching or research.

Include captions or text if it is necessary.

Try to tell a story with your images. Think narrative and story. What are you trying to convey?


Worth 100 Points. Your photo essay must be posted on your site by Saturday, March 6 at 8:00 p.m. No late work accepted.

The photo essay will be assessed on:

What is the subject of the photographs? Are they related to your topic or beat? Are they informative? Interesting? Do they violate copyright? Do they offer a glimpse into an event, place, person? Do they tell a story?

Are images in focus? Are they strong, clear images? Does the presentation fit the subject? Are there necessary captions/text?

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