10 Mid-semester Suggestions for Improving Your Blog

1. Run spellcheck. (It’s in your dashboard.)

2. Avoid common mistakes.

Its vs. It’s. Their vs. There. Your vs. You’re. Gotten. Punctuation goes inside quote marks.

3. Write in active voice.

Avoid “is, are, was, were.” Example: “There were a great number of leaves on the ground.”

4. Stay on topic.

5. Have something to say. Say it well.

6. Try saying the same thing with 30 percent fewer words.

Example: The girls and I went to Lucy’s Hat Shop on Saturday. We were carded at the door, but I have a feeling that that only occurs on proper “out” nights, meaning, they’d probably let you in to eat and dance if it weren’t Saturday night. The place was their suggestion–I had never heard of it–and it was definitely not what I expected. In my mind, we were going dancing at a bar/nightclub type place, something that included both but when we got there, it was way more ‘bar’ and way less ‘nightclub.’ HowEVER, I’m so glad we went here. The place has two bars, one in the front and one in the back room, and there are a few tables, a little lounge, and a small dance floor. I’d call it “delightfully dodgy”–its slightly rundown, humble atmosphere was exactly what made it so charming.

7. Link. Link. Link. “Do what you do best and link to the rest.”

8. Write for a real audience. Write with your audience in mind.

9. For ideas, go offline. Go somewhere. When you go to an event, talk to people. Talk to a lot of people.

10. Push beyond what you are doing now.

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