Multimedia Interview Check List

Your multimedia interview will be graded on the following elements:

1. Your person has something relevant and compelling to say about your topic or beat.

2. Write a short paragraph to introduce your subject. Include full name, information on job/school, and a few sentences that sum up the most compelling aspect of the interview.

3. Present your interview with at least two of the following elements: text, photos, audio, and video.

4. Make sure your text is free of typos and grammar and spelling mistakes.

5. Consider using bolds, subheads, etc to break up long segments of text.

6. Provide links to other web sites that will offer readers more information.

7. If you are using photos, make sure your images are clear, strong, and add something to the text. Your photos should be labeled with appropriate captions.

8. If you are using audio, edit your segment to 4 minutes or less.

9. If you are using video, break your interview into multiple clips of 2 minutes or less.

10. Ask yourself: “Is this the best way to present this interview? Would other media elements make it better, richer, or more compelling?”

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