Three Questions from Quiz #5

Quiz #5 will cover the articles Amateur Hour and Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business. The quiz will consist of True and False, multiple choice, and three short answer questions. Here are the three short answer questions you will answer in class:

1. Select one idea in “Amateur Hour” or “Free” that you think is incorrect. Make an argument against it. (4 sentences)

2. Using the article “Free,” explain how much you paid for your current cell phone and your cell phone plan, and explain why, according to Chris Anderson, your cell phone company/carrier convinced you this was a good deal. (4 sentences)

3. What is your primary “news source?” (By “news source,” I mean the place you get most of your information about what is happening in the world.) Do “everyday people” or “professionals” create it? How much do you pay for this information? If it is “free,” explain how that “news source” generates income – or how they get you to pay for it. (5 sentences)

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