Blog Presentations

Each student will have about 5 minutes to present her/his work to the class. You should talk about the highlights of your work during the semester, the challenges, what you learned, and advice you would give to others students or journalists who undertake similar projects. Prepare what you want to say. Inform us. Entertain us.

Blog Presentations are scheduled for:

For Monday/Wednesday Class
-Wed, April 28 (Session 1)
-Monday, May 3 (Session 2)

For Tuesday/Thursday Class
-Thurs, April 29 (Session 1)
-Thurs, May 6 – 10:15 a.m. (Session 2)

Suggested talking points:
-Remind us of your blog subject and the “beat” you covered.
-Give a quick overview of the types of posts and features you performed.
-Talk about one success.
-Talk about one thing that didn’t turn out so well.
-How much traffic did you get to your site? Anything unusual or unique in your traffic?
-Tell us one thing you learned.

Your presentation will be graded on your preparation, your evaluation of your own work, and your participation in the class while others are giving their presentations.

You must attend both presentation sessions to get full credit.

Worth 25 points

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