Quiz 1 – Due Sat, Sept 18 at 8pm

Answer the following questions in your own words. Put your answers in an email with the subject line “Online Journalism 1 Quiz.” It is due by Sat, Sept 18 at 8 p.m. No late work accepted.

From JournalismNext:
1. In the forward, Jennifer Sizemore says MSNBC.com coined the term “the sixth W.” What is it? And given what we have discussed in class and read, what do you think she means? (Answer in 3 sentences – 3 points)

2. What does the term “shoveling” mean? Why does the author say it didn’t work? (Answer in 2 sentences – 2 points)

From the article “Out of Print”
3. Briefly describe the differing views that Walter Lippmann and John Dewey have on democracy and journalism. Then explain how each person’s view might have played out in traditional news organizations and the Internet. (Answer in 5 sentences – 10 points)

4. Eric Alterman considers the possibility that American newspapers might soon be extinct and that the Internet, cell phones, PDAs, etc will deliver the news of the future. Why is Alterman concerned about the demise of the newspaper? (Hint: it isn’t about money or jobs.) (Answer in 4 sentences – 4 points)

From Blogger Code of Ethics:
5. Using the Cyberjournalist’s Blogger Code of Ethics as a guide, what advice would you give to the student in the following scenario. (Answer in 6 sentences or less – 6 points)

For Online Journalism I a student wants to cover the beat  – “my life as a waitress.” She works at Chili’s and she plans to write about her job, customers, and co-workers. She hopes it will be an honest, humorous account of what it’s like to be a 19-year-old waitress in New Jersey.  She talks to her manager about the idea, and he likes it. He says it might even get the restaurant some “good publicity.” She plans to write about rude customers, but doesn’t plan to use their names or let them know that she is writing about them. She plans to tell some of her co-workers about her project, but decides not to tell others that she doesn’t know as well.

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