Week 5 Assignments

1. Get/borrow your camera. We’ll start with photos later this week. Again, see recommended specs for cameras if you are buying one.

2. Quiz 2 on Wednesday, Sept 29 or Thursday, Sept 30 will cover:
“Why I Blog” by Andrew Sullivan, The Atlantic Magazine
-JournalismNext Chapter 2 – Advanced blogging (p. 40-67)
-JournalismNext Chapter 3 – Crowd-powered collaboration (p. 68-92)
-JournalismNext Chapter 4 – Microblogging (p. 93-118)
Copyright, fair use, and creative commons

3. Posts 4 and 5 Due Saturday 8 p.m.

4. Next readings:
-JournalismNext Chap 11 – Building a digital audience for news (p. 310-334)
-JournalismNext Chap 10 – Managing news as a conversation (p. 277-309)
-JournalismNext Chapter 5 – Visual storytelling with photographs (p.142-176)

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