Crash Course in Web Video

Getting Started With Video

1. Try it. Perfection isn’t necessary.

See two examples of video tech reviews:

David Pogue’s Review of a Flip Camera (

Walter Mossberg’s Technology Videos (Wall Street Journal)

2. Go for authentic, not news imitation.

See How to Report the News like a “Newswipe”

3. Keep it short. Two minutes or less.

Naka Nathaniel – “Think Beatles.”

4. Prepare. Prepare equipment. Prepare questions. Prepare ideas of shots you want to get.

5. Do interview in a quiet place.

6. Mix up your shots. (Wide, medium, close-up). Think about framing and rule of thirds. Hold each shot for 10-15 seconds.

7. Shoot in sequences.

-Close-up on the hands

-Close-up on the face

-Wide Shot

-Over-the-shoulder shot

-Another shot

See BBC’s Five Shot Rule Training Video

8. Use pans and zooms sparingly

9. Be silent when you shoot.

10. Define your story in first 20 seconds.

11. Make sure it has a beginning, middle, and end.

12. Use short clips, the more the better.

13. Focus on one central idea and stick with it.

14. Characters make stories. The better characters, the better your stories will be.

Web Video Tutorials:
Shooting Tips (Knight Digital Media Center)
Doing Stand-ups (Knight Digital Media Center)
Editing with iMovie (Knight Digital Media Center)

Video to
How Do I Upload a Video to YouTube?
How Do I Put a YouTube Video on My WordPress blog?
How Do I Put a Vimeo Video on My WordPress blog?
More about adding video to WordPress

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