Assignment V: Interactive Feature

Due, Wed, Nov 24 by 3 p.m. before Thanksgiving Break

Worth 100 points (10 percent of overall grade)

The goal of the interactive feature assignment is to create an online news package that would only work on the Web. Try to tell a story or relay information related to your topic in a more interactive manner.

You have a few choices for how to approach this assignment:

1. Live blog an event.

2. Create an audio slide show.

3. Create a map to tell a geographic-based story related to your topic.

4. Create a timeline to tell a time-based story related to your topic.

Interactive feature will be graded on:

  • concrete, specific story idea
  • clear titles, headings
  • original reporting and content (not just linking to content created by others)
  • usefulness of information
  • free of typos, misspellings, and grammatical errors
  • appropriate use of multimedia – text, links, photos, video
  • effort and experimentation
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