Interactive Feature Test Drive

Test drive the software and applications for creating your interactive feature.

1. Live blog an event.

  • Sign up for a CoveritLive account. Watch the demo video. Create a live event. In another browser window watch a video of some event (sports event, press conference, awards show, etc) and practice live blogging the event.

2. Create an audio slide show.

  • Copy the slide show test files (photos and .mp3) or use your own if you have some. Pick a slide show application –, Soundslides, iMovie or Windows Moviemaker – and practice putting together an audio slide show.

3. Create a map to tell a geographic-based story related to your topic.

  • Watch this 3 minute video on GoogleMyMaps. Log in to your Gmail account or sign up for one if you don’t have one. Open two browser windows – one for your map and one for 11 Google Map exercises. Go step-by-step through each exercise to get familiar with Google maps and how to put it on your blog. Then create your own map with place markers, lines, or shapes. Write descriptions, embed links, and post photos or videos.

4. Create a timeline to tell a time-based story related to your topic.

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