Resources for Interactive Feature Assignment

Due, Wed, Nov 24 by 3 p.m. (before Thanksgiving Break)
Wed, Nov 24 –  1:45 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. optional class period for technical help, trouble shooting, and to ensure that your feature is posted on-time.

Worth 100 points. No late work accepted.

Review the Interactive Feature Assignment Outline

1. Assignment specifics for live blogging an event.

Live blogging applications:
CoveritLive demo video

2. Assignment specifics for creating an audio slide show.

Audio slide show applications:
How to convert audio files using Switch (video)
GarageBand Basics for Journalists (video)
Audacity Basics for Journalists (video)

Slide Show:
How to use
Overview of Soundslides (video)
Step-by-step instructions for Soundslides and how to get it on your blog (.pdf)

3. Assignment specifics for how to create a map to tell a geographic-based story

Map applications:
Google Maps
3 minute intro to GoogleMyMaps (video)
How do I embed a Google Map on my Word Press blog? (see Exercise 11)
11 Google Map exercises

4. Assignment specifics for creating a timeline to tell a time-based story.

Timeline applications:
How To Create a Timeline with

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