Final Project

For Mon/Wed Class – Posted by Mon, Dec 13 by 1:45 p.m.
For Tuesday/Thurs Class – Posted by Tues, Dec 14 by 1:45 p.m.
Worth 175 points – No late work accepted.

Create a final project – a substantial feature story – for your blog. It should demonstrate what you have learned over the course of the semester and be the culmination of your blog coverage to date. Your primary goal is to tell a compelling, interactive story. You will write a text article formatted for the web and create an accompanying multimedia feature. Your article and your interactive feature should complement each other, but each should also be able to stand alone on its own. (For example, if someone only reads your article or only views your multimedia she should still able to understand the story.) Use the text for the story basics, information, and links to additional resources. Use your multimedia feature to add vivid color to your story.

Your feature will be assessed on the following:
•    story content
•    original reporting (interviews, events attended, information gathered)
•    quality of the presentation
•    effort
•    completion of each required presentation element (see below)

Your final project must contain:

1. A 500-word article formatted for the web (100 points)
•    clear, descriptive headline using key-words (5 pts)
•    strong lead (15 pts)
•    organized story structure (15 pts)
•    2 sources (full names) quoted saying something relevant and interesting (20 pts)
•    appropriate hyperlinks to more information (10 pts)
•    short paragraphs or subheads to break up large sections of text (5 pts)
•    5 key word tags (5 pts)
•    compelling story topic (25 pts)

-2 points for each typo, grammar, spelling, or punctuation error

2. Multimedia component (75 points) – must be created by you
•    photos and audio clip (5+ photos and 2 min audio clip)
•    audio slide show (18 photos and 1:30 audio)
•    video (max 2 min)
•    graphic element (i.e. map, timeline, or other)

Multimedia will be graded on the following:
•    quality of media (25 pts)
•    editing of media (25 pts)
•    story content (25 pts)

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