Week 2 Assignments

1. Reading

-Forward (p.xiv to xix)
-Intro (p. 1-8)
-Chapter 1 (p. 9-22) but skip section on web design (p. 23-39)
“Out of Print” by Eric Alterman, New Yorker Magazine at http://bit.ly/BWm1
Cyberjournalist.net’s Blogger Code of Ethics

2. Prepare for Quiz 1

Quiz 1 is scheduled for Mon, Jan. 31 (for M/W class) or Tues, Feb. 1 (for T/T class). It will cover all of the reading above. The quiz will consist of 10 matching terms from the text book, five true/false questions from Blogger Code of Ethics, and two short answer questions from “Out of Print.” The short answer questions are:

1. In a four sentences, briefly describe the differing views that Walter Lippmann and John Dewey have on democracy and journalism. Then explain how each person’s view might play out in traditional news organizations and on the Internet.

2. Eric Alterman considers the possibility that American newspapers might soon be extinct and that the Internet, cell phones, PDAs, etc will deliver the news of the future. In four sentences, explain why is Alterman concerned about the demise of the newspaper? (Hint: it isn’t about money or jobs.)

3. Find your Beat

You will pitch your beat in class on Mon, Jan. 31 (for M/W class) or Tues, Feb. 1 (for T/T class). Come to class with:

  • a well-defined beat idea
  • a title for your publication
  • and a one sentence description that gives a clear sense of what you are covering
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