Quiz 1 Reading Review

Also read this article Not Quite a Reporter, but Raking Muck and Reaping Wrath (NYTimes.com) and check out the blog http://www.gerritsenbeach.net/

Then review Blogger Code of Ethics and think about some of the issues involved in the examples above.

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2 Responses to Quiz 1 Reading Review

  1. guyver8400 says:


    I am Daniel Cavanagh of GerritsenBeach.net

    I am very curious on what you guys come up with and discuss.

    my email is info@gerritsenbeach.net

  2. markbg says:

    Wish you were here. It was a pretty lively back and forth. Students have plenty of questions. Maybe I’ll round some up and send them your way. A bit earlier and I would have pulled you into a live video chat.

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