Audio Assignment: Due Sat, April 2 at 8pm

1. Find a relevant person with something to say about your topic. Aim high. Set up a time for your interview. Have a backup plan in case it falls through.

2. Prepare and research your questions.

3. Do an in-person interview with your audio recorder. (No phone interviews.) Use a mic and headphones.

4. Photograph your subject. I suggest taking 10+ photographs so you can pick the best one. Make sure it is clear, in focus, and that we can see the person’s face.

5. Edit your audio interview to a maximum of 2 minutes. Export as an .mp3.

6. Write up a one paragraph introduction. Who is the person? Why is she/he someone we should hear from? What does she/he have to say? Make the audience want to read more. Your intro text must include at least one link.

8. Post your text introduction, a photo of the subject, and your edited audio interview to your blog using SoundCloud in one blog post.

9. Write a compelling headline that mentions your subjects name and uses descriptive key-words.

Grading Criteria: Worth 75 points

-Text introduces subject and context (Clearly written, no typos, proper grammar and spelling. Text must contain links.)
-Content of edited audio (Is it compelling, relevant, worth hearing, sharing?)
-Quality of the recording.
-Quality of the editing.
-Strong photograph of subject.

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