Interactive Feature Option 1: Live Blogging

Live blogging … is “a blog or a single post on a blog that contains real-time updates that are posted during and in response to a particular event. On a live blog, the blogger posts brief updates that contain observations or opinions that give readers a feel for the atmosphere or response to an event.”

Live blogging is being used to cover almost any event that reporters used to have at least a few hours to report and write about, but now they have to do it on the fly as the event happens. Reporters often have to live blog an event and then write a follow-up story after.

-Real-time coverage
-Up-to-the-minute information
-Short posts
-Time stamp in reverse chronological order
-Text, photos, video, polls, and audience interaction
-Still useful long after the event


Live blogging has become a standard way to cover:

-elections (See Election 2010 Results)

-sports (see Inquirer’s Chris Melchiorre for live coverage of Council Rock South vs. Neshaminy football game)

-press conferences and government hearings

-award shows (See Paste Magazine’s live blogging of 2011 Oscars)

-and tech announcements (See engaget’s live blogging of iPad 2 presentation)

Tools and Technology:
-Computer and access to the Internet
-A way to post to your blog in real-time like CoveritLive – A free, web-based live blogging tool

Requirements for the Assignment:
-Select an event that can be covered with live blogging. You must attend this event in person.
-Read JournalismNext p. 132 – 134.
-Read How to Live Blog a Conference.
-Read about the different styles of live blogging.
-Promote your cyber-event ahead of time on your blog…let me know when you are doing this.
-Write an intro to the event so people know where to find the coverage.
-Blog the event in real-time with time stamp in reverse chronological order.
-Write up a summary of the event as your last post.

Example of Student Work:

-You can be the first good example

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