Interactive Feature Option 2: Audio Slide Show

Audio slide shows… enhance traditional news photography by combining multiple photos with sound such as interviews, natural sound effects, or narration.

-A series of photographs with a variety of angles and perspectives.
-An audio track with interviews, natural sound, or narration.
-Integration of photos and audio into one complete story.

Audio slide shows have become a standard way to:

Profile people (See Los Angeles Times series pop.u.LA.tion)

Cover an event (See’s audio slide show on St. Patrick’s Day Parade)

Do a feature story (See on students making a magazine using Magcloud)

Tools and Technology:
-Digital recorder, mic and headphones
-Audio editing software
-Software for creating an audio slide show like: (see How to Make a Slide Show for with
-Soundslides (see A Quick Tour of Soundslides)
-Or turn your photos and audio into a video using iMovie or Windows Video Editor

Requirements for the Assignment:
-Pick a story that can be told with both photographs and audio.
-Read How to Make Your Audio Slide Shows Better by Colin Mulvany
-Read Mindy McAdam’s Tell a Good Story with Images and Sound
-Do reporting, interviews, and collect audio
-Photograph the subject
-Edit audio and export as .mp3
-Edit and select your photos
-Create a slide show integrating photos and audio (General Rule: 1 photo for every 5 seconds of audio)

Example of Student Work:
A Civil War Moment by Melissa Pileiro

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