Resources for Interactive Feature

Review the Interactive Feature Assignment outline

Review assignment specifics for each and test drive the software or applications for each:

1. Live blog an event.

Live blogging applications:
CoveritLive demo video

2. Create an audio slide show.

Step-by-step instructions for getting audio from your recorder to .mp3
How to convert audio files using Switch (video)
GarageBand Basics for Journalists (video)
Audacity Basics for Journalists (video)

Slide Show:
Pick one of the following:
A. How to use
B. Overview of Soundslides (video)
Step-by-step instructions for Soundslides and how to get it on your blog (.pdf)
C. iMovie (see resources below)
D. Windows Movie Maker (see resources below)

3. Create a map to tell a geographic-based story related to your topic.

Map applications:
Google Maps
3 minute intro to GoogleMyMaps (video)
11 Google Map exercises
How do I embed a Google Map on my Word Press blog? (see Exercise 11)

4. Create a timeline to tell a time-based story related to your topic.

Timeline applications:
How To Create a Timeline with

5. Shoot, edit and post a web video that tells an action-related story.

Basic Video
Crash Course in Web Video
Ten Ways to Improve Your Video Skills
Video: The Five Shot Rule (BBC Training Video)

Watch Video 101: Editing with iMovie
iMovie 09 Tutorial (Mindy McAdams)
iMovie for Journalists (Knight Digital Media Center)
iMovie 09 Tutorials (Apple)

Windows Movie Maker
Windows Movie Maker Tutorial (Mindy McAdams)

Posting Video to
How to upload a video to YouTube
How to embed a YouTube video on
How to embed a Vimeo video on

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