Setting Up an Online Portfolio of Your Work

1. Google your name. Think about what you can do to shape the search results.

2. Read 15 Journalists’ outstanding personal portfolios ( *note it is from 2008.

3. Google people you admire in your field. Check out their web sites. Aim to be there someday.

4. Check out the portfolios of Rowan students or recent grads.

For example: (grad student on Linked in) (writing, multimedia) (photo) (sports broadcast) (writing/blogging/travel)

-Keep your design clean.
-Emphasize quality, not quantity.
-Provide simple, clear navigation.
-No typos misspellings, typos, or grammatical errors.
-Think “first impression.”
-Think web. Visual and easy to skim. Provide links to more information.
-Your lead sells your clip (and it will probably be the only part that an editor reads).
-Embeds and links are better than downloads.
-Don’t make visitor work to figure out how you are and what you can do.
-For multimedia (text, audio, photo, video, graphics), demonstrate a broad knowledge and versatility, but also an expertise.
-Make it easy for people to contact you, but difficult to spam you.
-Update your content regularly.
-Pick a web host or platform that you can upgrade.
-Show it to others and ask them to give you feedback.
-Keep updating your portfolio even after you land a job.

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