Assignment: Blog Set Up and Post 1

Due Saturday, September 17 by 8 p.m. Email me your URL by the deadline.
Worth 60 points

Set Up (30 points)

Each student will select a beat and set up and maintain a blog. The blog must have a specific focus (i.e., a subject, a neighborhood, a specific topic). Your topic must be approved by the instructor.

Blogs must have the following elements:

  • Specific, focused, and accessible beat
  • Compelling, informative title
  • Appropriate theme and complete design
  • About page or text on your sidebar that explains your publication. This text must include author’s full name.
  • Blogroll with at least five other online publications or blogs related to beat or topic
  • Archives widget
  • Blog Stats widget
  • Time zone set correctly. (Select “New York” in WordPress)
  • Check spelling, grammar, and AP style.

Post #1 (30 points)

Post #1 should introduce yourself and your blog topic to your audience. Outline what you hope to accomplish in the coming weeks, what kinds of stories you plan to do, etc.
-Check spelling, grammar, and AP style.

For specific instructions, see How To Set Up Your Blog Using

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