How to Link

Links are the life blood of your online publication. They generate traffic, readers, reputation, and legitimacy.

James Foust, author of the textbook Online Journalism, writes that “links are second only to text in their ability to convey information and meaning to the user.”

But anyone can create a web page with a list of links.

As a journalist, you are looking for the best, most useful, most accurate, and most essential links that provide:

* source of your information
* background
* additional information on your story
* alternate point of view
* or further exploration

And there are proper ways to link.

1. Pick a word or phrase to highlight. The link text should summarize what is at the other end of the link. The user should know where they are going and what they will find.

2. Avoid phrases like “click here.”

Here are instructions for how to create a link in

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