In Class: Headshot and Basic Photo Editing Exercise

Learn the basics:

    • Pixels – a visual representation of data in a digital image or graphic (megapixel = 1 million pixels or 3.2 megapixels = 11 X 14 photograph)
    • Resolution – number of pixels per inch (ppi) in an image.

-72 ppi for Web
-200 ppi for newspapers
-300 ppi+ for magazines

You should know how to:

  • Rotate (Image>Rotate Canvas in Photoshop)
  • Save for Web

Here is a tutorial on How to Resize and Save Your Photos for the Web Using Photoshop

In Class Exercise Instructions:

1. Take 10-15 photos of your partner. Follow the tips in the slides above.

2. Upload them to your computer using Image Capture.

3. Pick the best photo.

4. Duplicate or Make a Copy of the one you want to edit.
Control + Click>Duplicate

5. Note the File Size
Control + Click>Get Info – Look at Size

6. Open Image in Photoshop
Control + Click>Open With>Adobe Photoshop

7. Crop. Rotate if needed.

8. Set image size and resolution
From Menu select Image>Image Size
-Set image resolution to 72 pixels per inch
-Resize image to @450 width x 450 height

Click “OK”

9. Save for Web
From Menu select File>Save As
Save as .jpg and “Medium” quality

10. Rename it with the photographer’s last name (ie Berkey.jpg)

11. Note the File Size
Control + Click>Get Info – Look at Size

12. Email it to me with the Subject Line “Your Last Name Headshot”

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