Week 6 Assignments

Post 5: Photo Assignment due Saturday at 8 p.m.
Students must go somewhere and photograph an event/topic/people related to their beat. Post a series of photos, a photo gallery, or slideshow.

Assignment requirements:

  • You must take your own photos.
  • Take more photos than you need. Try to take 50+ images. Post only your strongest images.
  • Aim to post 3-5 strong images. It can be more if you like. Use your judgment on how many images are needed to tell the story. But 3 strong photos is better than 10 mediocre photos.
  • Aim for photos of people, faces, and action. They are more interesting than photos of things.
  • Get full names of subjects – first and last.
  • Your photographs should show real events, real people, and real places in real-time. Do not stage or manipulate your subject or photos.
  • Take a variety of images; a mix of wide, medium, and close-ups.
  • Write introductory text or photo captions. Use text for names, locations, and date. Your photo caption should convey information that is not available in the images. Don’t repeat the information that is obvious in photograph.
  • Write a descriptive, compelling headline with key words.
  • Five keyword tags.
-Read JournalismNext Chapter 5 – Visual storytelling with photographs
-Read “Look at Me!” by Maureen Tkacik, Columbia Journalism Review
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