Week 8 Assignments

-JournalismNext Chapter 5 – Visual storytelling with photographs
“Look at Me!” by Maureen Tkacik, Columbia Journalism Review
-JournalismNext Chapter 7 – Making audio journalism visible

Blog post 8: Audio. Due Saturday, Oct 29 at 8 p.m.

You need to conduct your interview by class time next Thursday, Oct 27. You will have the class period to edit your audio and post it online.

Assignment details:

1. Find a relevant person with something to say about your topic. Set up a time for your interview. Have a backup plan.

2. Prepare and research a few questions.

3. Do an in-person interview with your audio recorder. (No phone interviews.) Use a mic and headphones.

4. Photograph your subject. Make sure your photo is clear, in focus, and that we can see the person’s face.

5. Bring everything to class on Thursday, Oct 27. In class, edit your audio interview to a maximum of 2 minutes. Export as an .mp3.

6. Write up a short introduction to your post. Who is the person? Why is she/he someone we should hear from? What does she/he have to say? Make the audience want to read more.

8. Post your text introduction, a photo of the subject, and your edited audio interview to your blog using SoundCloud in one blog post.

9. Write a compelling headline that mentions your subject’s name and uses descriptive key-words.

Your post will be graded on the following:

-Text introduces subject and context (Clearly written, no typos, proper grammar and spelling)
-Content of edited audio (Is it compelling, relevant, worth hearing, sharing?)
-Quality of the recording
-Quality of the editing
-Strong photograph of subject

Example of what this will look like:

-See Julio Diaz remembers being robbed. (StoryCorps)

-If multiple audio clips and photos are put together you get High-School Seniors Predict Their Future and Portraits from the New York City Marriage Bureau (NYTimes.com)

-See Chef Rakesh Ramola, proud chef and owner of Indeblue, an example of a student’s assignment from last semester.

Here are step-by-step instructions for getting you audio from your recorder to your blog.

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