10 Ways Online Video Journalism is Different from TV Video Journalism

1. Quality matters, but “doing it” and “authentic” are the most important qualities.
See two examples of video tech reviews noted in your textbook:
David Pogue’s on the iPhone 4S (NYTimes.com) and Walter Mossberg on the iPhone 4S (Wall Street Journal)

2. Drop the anchorman routine.
For comedic take on TV news clichés, see How to Report the News like a “Newswipe”

3. Web video is cross platform: newspapers, magazines, broadcast, web-only, and mobile are all doing it.
Some of the best news video work in New Jersey is being done by the Star Ledger newspaper. For example, see this fun sports story.

4.  It can be shorter. It can be longer. Not confined by the TV schedule and commercial breaks.
This 8:33 video by student journalists would never make it on TV, but it’s better than most TV news stories.

5. Rely less on voice-overs and stand-ups.
On the web, the audience doesn’t know – or particularly care – who the reporter is. The “in their own words” approach often works better.
See this profile of the ballpoint pen rapper.

6. It is mobile. No need to send a TV satellite truck and a crew. Cellphones will be there first.

7. It is increasingly a “one-woman” band. And it’s interns who are doing it.
See Danielle Tamburilla’s internship work at Philly.com. She shoots, does stand-up, edits, and posts online – all in a few hours.

8. It can be non-linear.
The user decides where to begin and end in this Waterlife documentary about the Great Lakes eco-system.

9. It can be user-generated.
See CNN’s iReport

10. It can be collaborative and interactive.
See One Day on Earth

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