Week 9 Assignments

Posts 9 and 10 due Saturday at 8 p.m. Free choice.

The next quiz (on Thurs, Nov 10) will cover:
-JournalismNext Chapter 5 – Visual storytelling with photographs
“Look at Me!” by Maureen Tkacik, Columbia Journalism Review
-JournalismNext Chapter 7 – Making audio journalism visible
-JournalismNext Chapter 8 – Telling stories with video

Looking ahead:

Week 10
-No class on Tues, Nov 8
-Quiz 3 on Thurs, Nov 10
-Post 11: Free choice

Week 11
Post 12: Video

Guidelines for Video Post
-Cover an event, person, or story suited for video (i.e.,
-Use headline and text for background and context; use video for visuals
-Shorter is better (Maximum length 2 min)
-Must include interview with at least one person
-Must have b-roll shot in sequences
-Posted to YouTube or Vimeo and embedded on your blog
-No webcam interviews (i.e., sitting and talking into computer)

Examples of past student work:
Black Student League Fashion Show
Organ Donor Day
Asian Culture Event

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