Week 11 Assignments

-JournalismNext Chap 9 – Data driven journalism and digitizing your life
-JournalismNext Chap 1 – Section on Web design (p. 23-39)

Post 12: Video due at 8 p.m. on Saturday

Guidelines for Video Post:
-Cover an event, person, or story suited for video (i.e.,
-Use headline and text for background and context; use video for visuals
-Shorter is better (Maximum length 2 min)
-Must include interview with at least one person
-Must have b-roll shot in sequences
-Posted to YouTube or Vimeo and embedded on your blog
-No webcam interviews (i.e., sitting and talking into computer)
-Use whatever editing software you wish (iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, Premiere, Final Cut)

Examples of past student work:
Black Student League Fashion Show
Organ Donor Day
Asian Culture Event

Useful Tutorials:
Windows Movie Maker Tutorial, Mindy McAdams
iMovie 09 Tutorials, Apple.com
iMovie 09 Tutorial, Mindy McAdams
iMovie 11 Tutorials, Apple.com
Final Cut Pro, Knight Digital Media Center
Adobe Premiere, Knight Digital Media Center

Posting Video to WordPress.com
How to upload a video to YouTube
How to embed a YouTube video on WordPress.com
How to embed a Vimeo video on WordPress.com

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