How To Study for Quiz 4

Read and review p. 26 to 39 in JournalismNext

Review the powerpoint I showed in class

Study the HTML 4.01 Quick List. Make sure you can identify, understand, and write the following:

<link rel=”stylesheet”… or <style>
<h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5>,<h6>
<br />
<em> and <i>
<strong> and <b>
<a href=””>Link-text goes here</a>
<a href=””><img src=”URL” alt=”Alternate Text” /></a>
<a href=””>Send e-mail</a>
<!– This is a comment –>

Then practice doing each with the following tutorials:
HTML Introduction
HTML Get Started
HTML Basic
HTML Elements
HTML Attributes
HTML Headings
HTML Paragraphs
HTML Formatting
HTML Styles
HTML Links
HTML Images
HTML Lists

Finally, in the HTML tab of your blog, practice doing the following until you can do it without looking at the Visual tab or other guides.

-Embed a hyperlink in text (See instructions)

-Embed an image using a URL, alternate text, and set the width and height (See instructions)

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