Interactive Map

Interactive map mashups… have become a standard way to tell a geographic story on the web. A mashup is an application that combines data from more than one source into a single integrated tool.


The pros:
-See 7 innovative online maps
-Gulf Oil Spill Crisis Response

Some students:
Cross Keys Development
Philly Parkour Hot Spots
Saving in Glassboro

Requirements for Assignment:
-Pick a geographic story that is appropriate for your topic. Your goal is to tell a story in which location or geography is key.
-Create your own map with place markers, lines, or shapes. You have to decide how many.
-Write descriptions and reviews, embed links, and post photos or videos for your place markers, lines, or shapes where it is appropriate.
-Combine your original information with third-party content if it helps tell your story.
-Your story does not have to be linear, but it should make sense for the user where ever they begin.
-Embed your map on your blog. You can make it an individual post or a separate page.
-All content must be created by you (ie photos, videos, etc) or Creative Commons.

Tools and Technology:
Google Maps is a free mapping service from Google

3 minute intro to GoogleMyMaps (video)
How do I embed a Google Map on (see Exercise 11)
11 Google Map exercises

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