Blog Post Grading

Each student is required to post to his or her blog at least once a week beginning the third week of the semester. A total of 14 posts are required over the course of the semester. Some posts will be assigned (i.e., a news article, a photo essay, an audio clip, or video) and they must contain the required elements. Some blog posts will be “free choice” and students can select a format that is best suited for the content of the posts. Weekly blog posts are due by 8:00 p.m. each Saturday. Each post will be graded on content and execution. Posts do not have to be long (word count isn’t as important as content), but each post must be substantive and free of errors.

Each post will be assessed on:

  • Posted by 8 p.m. deadline. Zero points if late.
  • Writing is compelling, free of spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Post is scanning-friendly. It features shorter sentences (or mix of long and short), paragraphs, lists, and headings.
  • Headlines are descriptive, compelling, and use key words.
  • Post is related to beat topic and provides useful information to the reader.
  • When required, post contains original reporting, writing, and media (photo, audio, video, graphics).
  • Key facts and information are attributed to sources, with hyperlinks if possible.
  • Proper permissions and credit for content created by others.
  • Posts are tagged with five user-friendly key words.
  • Specific requirements of assigned posts are met.
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