Quiz 1 Review

From JournalismNext:

Review the main concepts and bold faced terms. There will be 15 matching items with terms and definitions.

From “Out of Print” by Eric Alterman, New Yorker Magazine

There will be several True/False questions from the reading. In addition there will be two short answer questions worth four points each.

1. Why is the “Out of Print” author concerned about the demise of the newspaper? (Hint: it’s not about money or jobs?)

2. Why do some believe the demise of the newspaper and its traditional role and authority might be a good thing? (Hint: it’s not about money or jobs?)

This Daily Show video hits on a number of topics in the article. Enjoy.

From the Cyberjournalist.net’s Blogger Code of Ethics

There will be five True/False questions about this document. Consider of how it might apply to the work you do this semester.

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