Week 3

Quiz 1 on Wed/Thurs
It will cover:
-JournalismNext – Forward (p.xiv to xix)
-JournalismNext – Intro (p. 1-8)
-JournalismNext Chapter 1 – We are all Web workers now (p. 9-22) but skip
section on Web design (p. 23-39)
-JournalismNext Chapter 2 – Advanced blogging (p. 40-67)
“Out of Print” by Eric Alterman, New Yorker Magazine
Cyberjournalist.net’s Blogger Code of Ethics

Blog Post 2 (Aggregation) and Post 3 (Free Choice) due by 8:00 p.m. on Saturday

In Class:
-WordPress.com Tour
How I grade blog posts
Common types of blog posts
Quiz 1 review
Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons
Writing effective headlines
How to link

Readings for Next Week:
-Read “Why I Blog” by Andrew Sullivan, The Atlantic Magazine
-Read JournalismNext Chap 10 – Managing news as a conversation (p. 277-309)
-Read JournalismNext Chap 11 – Building a digital audience for news (p. 310-334)

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