Pick of the Week: What’s Going On with Philadelphia’s Newspapers?

What’s going on at the Inky, Daily News, and Philly.com?

Here’s a quick run-down:

1. Inquirer, Daily News and Philly.com are owned by the same company. They’ve had a series of owners between 2006 and 2010.  They filed for bankruptcy in 2009. This is the latest in a long saga.

2. The current owners are looking to sell it again. One of the groups bidding includes former PA Governor Ed Rendell and George Norcross, a Democratic powerbroker in South New Jersey. The other is a prominent real estate developer.

3. The current owners have a stake in the sale and have tried to influence its own news coverage of the bidding. On Feb. 6, The Inquirer killed an article about a real estate developer who had put together a competing bid to buy the company. On Feb. 7, a company spokesman removed a post on The Daily News’s PhillyClout blog that mentioned other potential buyers.

4. Reporters and editors don’t like owners messing with their stories.

5. CEO Greg Osberg was caught lying about whether he met with editors.

6. 300 editorial employees sign a statement opposing the interference and ask that the new owners commit to editorial independence.

7. The newsrooms of the Inky and Daily News are merging. Thirty-seven jobs will be cut.

8. People are trying to figure out what Philadelphia’s newspapers say about the future of journalism.

9. This might have something to do with you.

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