Taking Better Headshots

Tips for taking better headshots…


  • Avoid using the flash if possible.
  • Go outside or use a large window for natural light.
  • Watch out for shadows on the face.
  • Avoid strong backlight.


  • Neutral and simple are best.
  • Position your subject away from the wall. A flash can cause shadows.
  • No poles or cactus growing out of her head.


  • Fill the frame.
  • Don’t leave too much headroom or cut them off.
  • Get closer.
  • Try different angles.

In-Class Exercise Instructions:

1. Take 10-15 photos of your partner. Follow the tips above.

2. Get photo onto your computer. If your photo/camera doesn’t show up, try using Image Capture. Or email it to yourself and download to your computer.

3. Preview them. Show them to your partner. Pick the best photo.

4. Duplicate or Make a Copy of the one you want to edit.
Control + Click>Duplicate

5. Note the File Size
Control + Click>Get Info – Look at Size

6. Open Image in Photoshop
Control + Click>Open With>Adobe Photoshop

7. Crop. Rotate if needed.

8. Set image size and resolution
From Menu select Image>Image Size
-Set image resolution to 72 pixels per inch
-Resize image to @450 width x 450 height

Click “OK”

9. Save for Web
From Menu select File>Save As
Save as .jpg and “Medium” quality

10. Rename it with the photographer’s last name (ie Berkey.jpg)

11. Note the File Size
Control + Click>Get Info – Look at Size

12. Email it to me with the Subject Line “Your Last Name Headshot”

Here is a video tutorial if you need to see a demonstration

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